Phlebotomy is an esteemed and profitable field to select as your career. A phlebotomist is one who is expert in drawing blood from the veins of patients for different purposes like donation, blood test, etc. his most time is spent is drawing blood and dealing with lab duties.

Nowadays, the demand of phlebotomy specialist is on increase. Apart from it, they are earning handsome salaries in USA by working in clean labs without much stress. People find the qualification for this profession easy to complete for the less time duration when contrasting with that for other fields. So, it is profitable by all means to become a phlebotomist.

If you have also selected phlebotomy as your career plan, you have done a good job. The next you must understand the pros and cons to becoming a phlebotomist. First of all, you have to complete the initial degree plan after entering this field.

This program will not cut a great time period from your life, but only one year even less than one year is enough for qualifying to training period, which is the second stage. There are two kinds of qualification for training period, one qualification needs one or less than one year, while the other full two years. You can pick up any of them for your career.

After you complete this initial study and pass the exam, you will have to join some hospital, private community clinic, nursing department, doctor’s office or any place like this for completing your training period. Here, you will learn to practically apply your skills as phlebotomist. You will learn to work as a professional phlebotomist and deal with different kinds of patients.

You will know how to answer them if they are confused about that frightening job from your hands. This is mostly the most convenient part of qualification for a phlebotomist because the students start loving health care profession when they become a part of it.

After this stage, the last step to become a phlebotomist is certification. Once you complete the two above given stages, you must have a certification for professional beginning of the profession. But bear in mind that new technologies and innovations in the field must pass through your eyes. If you don’t keep your professional life upgraded, you will not get true success in the profession. So be alive to the modern techniques and tools in the field forever.